Who We Are

Love is why we are here


Welcome to our world!

It is with deep devotion to yoga practice and alternative therapies, which lead us to self awareness and growth, that we make our dream come true by creating Sukha Yoga Athens (prev. Sukha Yoga Kifisia!).


It is our aspiration that our members and all the people who visit our studio receive everything they need at that given moment! In these difficult times that put our optimism and our courage to the test we say that this is the perfect moment to turn within, to listen to our real needs, to strengthen on all levels and open up to the challenges and the changes not by tolerating but rather by leading the way and enjoying!

Together we will strengthen our muscles, will sweat, will align, will trust and love our body!

Through our practice we will gain self awareness, acceptance, confidence and freedom!

We will unblock our energy flow and detoxify our body from tension and stress by massaging!

We will open up to the therapeutic energy and feel whole and strong through reiki sessions!

And this is only the beginning!

We are here simply because we believe in the inner strength and huge potential of all human beings!


Private Yoga Classes

Be The Best Version Of You


These classes are adjusted to the student's own needs and level. Choosing a private class is deemed appropriate when:

  • You have injuries, chronic muscular pain and specific health problems.private-yoga-classes
  • You have special goals such as increasing your flexibility, your balance or your muscular strength.
  • You wish to integrate yoga into your weight loss or your body strengthening programme.
  • You are a beginner and you wish to have deeper knowledge  of the basic alignment and yoga poses.

These lessons are scheduled  upon request.